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Take action for your physical fitness with Sebastien Chabal as your guide. This is the program that got him back in shape in just 3 weeks!

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Has it been a while since the last time you worked out? Have everyday tasks become tough? Can’t recognize your reflection when you look in the mirror? Then take action now! You CAN get back into exercise after 40 or even younger with a program that’s right for your fitness level and physical potential. The Back in Shape with Chabal program makes exercise fun, not a hassle. Follow rugby player Sebastien Chabal’s lead as he helps you get fit again so that you can go up the stairs with ease and carry your heavy grocery bags sweat free!

This program to get you back into fitness starts with an evaluation to accurately calibrate the difficulty of the exercises to meet your fitness level. The Back in Shape with Chabal program includes strength training with squats, mountain climbers and push-ups to boost your muscle strength in just three weeks, along with additional cardio exercises to turn up the heat and guarantee results. This routine also includes stretching to help you increase your flexibility. That’s how the Back in Shape with Chabal program works to completely improve your physical fitness.

Your body is about to evolve with Sebastien Chabal as your guide, who did this program himself to get back in shape. After four years of no physical activity, he was ready for a fresh start. Now, his body is back on track and he can sustain his physical efforts again. Like him, you can feel the difference after just a few workouts!

Don’t put off better health till tomorrow! Take action now with the Back in Shape with Chabal program and feel fit again!

  • Sebastien Chabal says:

    "This program is designed to ramp up your fitness, even if you haven’t been physically active for ages. All it takes is 3 weeks to feel the difference! Do you run out of breath going up the stairs? Do your knees feel weak every time you run? Not anymore! Just follow my lead and I’ll show you how to go from flab to fit!"

  • Bethany
    "I stopped exercising a long time ago because I didn’t have time for it. But now, I feel completely rejuvenated! Chabal kept me from giving up. I’ve even taken up running!"
  • Logan
    "I’m in the best shape of my life, but I couldn’t have done it without Chabal! He was always there to keep me going and helped me learn to love exercise again. Now, I’ve got the motivation again to push my limits. Thanks, Chabal!"
  • Phillip
    "I wasn’t expecting to get results so fast. This program easily got me back into exercise. I’m no pro rugby player, but I CAN say that I worked out with one!"