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Dreaming of rounder, toned glutes? FizzUp’s Booty program is here to get you to that goal and boost your confidence in your behind.

You don’t have to work out with machines in order to build your glutes. Booty from FizzUp uses no-equipment workouts you can do at home that will turn you into a fan of your derriere. In just three weeks, you’ll watch your glutes transform as they become rounder, firmer and more defined. The only way you can accomplish this mission is to stick to Booty’s workouts. This FizzUp program is completely personalizable and evolves as you evolve, with the exercise difficulty adapted to suit your fitness level and physical potential. You’ll never think the exercises are too hard or too easy. These workouts are for you, and only you!

The Booty strength training program includes no-equipment booty-boosting exercises, making this your secret weapon when it comes to body sculpting. You’ll get booty exercises that have been proven to effectively strengthen your glutes, such as glute bridges, side lunges, kickbacks, squats and many other squat variations. With such a wide variety of exercises, you’ll always stay motivated. Another advantage of this booty program is that it also sculpts other areas of your body, like your abs and thighs. For you, it’s a win-win with a sculpted lower body and a flatter stomach! Stop asking yourself how you’re going to sculpt your body for summer. Just follow this FizzUp program to keep a firm physique and the bombshell glutes to match all year long.

Now’s the time to whip out your exercise mat and start your Booty program. And be sure to take a photo of your behind before you do, because the before and after photos will blow you away!

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Start Booty

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Glutes, adductors.

Start Booty


Start Booty


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