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If you want to keep building your glutes after our first Booty program, the next installment of our advanced booty sculpting programs is here! Hone in on your behind and shape your butt with this three-week routine from FizzUp! Booty 2 will help you achieve the bigger booty you crave!

This program takes your glute training to the next level with a wider range of booty workouts you can do with or without equipment to sculpt your butt how you want. Booty 2 brings you three weeks of workouts that our users are already raving about.

Like the first installment in this program series, your booty building workouts adapt to match your fitness level and gradually evolve with you. With a starting evaluation, your program is calibrated to ensure that no workout is ever too easy or too hard.

Booty 2 will whip your glutes into shape and target your lower body to keep every muscle evenly toned. This booty building program uses the top exercises to maximize glute activation and recruit muscle fibers in order to guarantee you make noticeable progress in just three weeks.

Booty 2 includes some of the best body sculpting exercises such as decline glute bridges, lunges and step-ups to effectively build your lower body.

With this powerful combination of butt exercises, you’ll slim down your physique and turn up your strength for faster progress.

Start this strength training program to sculpt your dream booty now!

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Start Booty 2

Body zones

Trapezius, biceps, triceps, pectorals, abs, glutes, back, shoulders, arms, thighs, adductors.

Start Booty 2


Start Booty 2


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