A 3-week dumbbell workout program to get you rounder glutes and a sculpted lower body. Tone and sculpt your legs with this home workout plan any woman can do!

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Build - Lower Body is a strength training program for women specifically created to help you get stronger legs and glutes. The program zeros in on your lower body and automatically calculates the right weight and number of sets and reps you'll do to guarantee a better booty with your dumbbells. Build mass in your glutes and thighs in just 3 weeks, guaranteed!

  • Nathalie
    "After so many years of training and only getting mediocre results, I started the Build - Lower Body program and witnessed an unbelievable change! Other women ask me what exercises I do to get such a firm butt. So thanks FizzUp, I'm actually looking forward to summer this year."
  • Jasmine
    "I like the idea of ​​shaping and sculpting my body like a work of art, and I've always wanted to build better glutes and thighs. Thanks to the Build - Lower Body program, I'm now got results I'm satisfied with. In 3 weeks, I was able to give my body confidence a boost with this smart workout plan."