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Want to have the best summer ever? The Summer program will make you proud of your body during your vacation.

This new 3-week program will strengthen you mentally just as much as physically. Its goal is to get you in touch with your body and accept yourself. You can choose whatever training you like: strength, cardio, abs, stretching … they’re all on the menu. Over time you’ll learn which type of training makes you feel the best in your own body.

What matters in this program is getting you moving, whatever your current physical state or goal (or no goal if you don’t have one!). It’s up to you to choose how to get moving through a form of training that you like.

The strength training offered is equipment free. All you’ll need to progress is to improve your exercise technique, range of motion, or repetitions.

The cardio in this program is easy to do yet effective. It’s sometimes helpful to return to the basics for the best results. No matter your goal, you should choose the form of cardio that gets you to exert a good amount of effort and gives you a feeling of well-being after training.

The Summer program’s abs training is flexible. Whether you’re looking for a flat stomach, rock-hard abs, or to be strong, you can pursue the goal you want.

The program’s stretching exercises will guarantee you an ache-free summer and help you to cool down after intense sessions.

In summary, the Summer program is made to fit YOUR goals, whatever they may be. Feeling strong and in touch with your body will help you feel at peace in your mind.

Take control of your body and mind this summer, and have the best vacation with FizzUp’s Summer program!

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Start Summer

Body zones

Pectorals, abs, glutes, calves, back, shoulders, hips, thighs.

Start Summer


Start Summer


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