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Start Train & Sweat 2

Start the ultimate hybrid workout program for women: Train & Sweat 2! Part 2 of this three-week routine mixes strength training and intense cardio to take your physical fitness to a whole new level.

This women’s dumbbell workout program will transform your entire body. Curvy glutes, sculpted arms, toned thighs, a smaller waist, more strength and higher cardio endurance… that’s what you’ll achieve with Train & Sweat 2.

During each workout, experience new strength training circuits with or without weights and one-of-a-kind cardio sessions. The Train & Sweat 2 weight training program will get you the goddess-like physique you crave.

Train & Sweat 2 is a workout program designed to help you reach your strength and weight loss goals with fun and functional protocols that will keep your motivation at its max. This simple and unique workout plan was created for women of all fitness levels who want to combine cardio and strength training to burn fat, gain muscle mass and get fitter!

All-new exercise variations in this program are here to push your limits to new heights to get you to your body goals. With this powerful and impressive combo of strength training and HIIT cardio moves, you’re going to blast stubborn fat and reveal lean, sexy muscle tone from head to toe.

Tone, sculpt and finally see your hard work pay off. That’s Train & Sweat 2’s promise. These cardio and dumbbell exercises for women are made to boost your fitness on every level with just three workouts a week for three weeks. Just give it your all to see and feel the results. Ready to be transformed with the next installment of FizzUp’s top hybrid workout program?

Whether your goal is to get stronger, lose weight or improve your fitness, it’s all possible with Train & Sweat 2!

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Start Train & Sweat 2

Body zones

Pectorals, abs, glutes, adductors, calves, back, shoulders, hips, arms, thighs.

Start Train & Sweat 2


Start Train & Sweat 2


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