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Looking for a surefire way to sculpt your muscles, tone your body and burn fat? With the dumbbell workouts for women included in the Train & Sweat program, you can!

Combining weight training and cardio requires a highly individualized approach in order for you to reach your fitness goals, and FizzUp’s got the solution. Get ready to start a simple yet effective routine that intelligently pairs strength training and cardio with the dumbbell workout program for women, Train & Sweat!

With its unique workout plan, you’ll gain muscle mass and burn fat to reveal your slimmer, fitter physique! It brings you the perfect pairing of dumbbell exercises for women and high-intensity cardio to strengthen your body and trigger fat loss.

Start this three-week women’s strength training program that only takes three workouts a week now! You’ll be blown away by the results you’ll achieve with body sculpting exercises such as squats, Bulgarian split squats, glute bridges, lunges, bench presses and bent-over rows. Besides weight training for women, this program also includes HIIT cardio (high-intensity interval training): an excellent mix to help you keep your muscles strong and promote weight loss.

Train & Sweat is FizzUp’s top program to transform your body with a smart fusion of weight training and cardio to get you to your fittest self by using two different types of exercise that boost each other’s effectiveness.

Whether your goal is to burn fat, sculpt your body or both, the Train & Sweat program is for you!

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Start Train & Sweat

Body zones

Pectorals, abs, glutes, adductors, calves, back, shoulders, hips, arms, thighs.

Start Train & Sweat


Start Train & Sweat


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