Set calories on fire with Burn!

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Looking for one impressive weight loss program? FizzUp’s got it!

Start Burn, the program you need to ignite maximum calories now!

Burn is a fitness routine that combines cardio, strength training and core training.

Whether you’re just beginning or have some experience under your belt, this weight loss program uses a wide variety of exercises to tone and strengthen your body. Jumping jacks, mountain climbers and all kinds of squat variations will make you break a sweat!

You’ll find dozens of training circuits specially designed to help you melt fat and build stamina.

Solidify your midsection and flatten your stomach with a range of core exercises to boost your body confidence.

This workout program was created to make your weight loss goals easier to reach with sessions under 20 minutes. All it takes is three workouts a week for three weeks.

Burn doesn’t require any equipment, so you can blast fat anytime, anywhere.

When you start the Burn program, you’ll also have access to all of FizzUp’s nutrition features with FizzUp Premium for even faster results!

The Burn program was made with only one goal in mind: to get your body setting maximum fat ablaze!

Step up your fitness strategy with the ultimate weapon for weight loss: FizzUp’s Burn!

  • Esther
    "Burn is the perfect weight loss program. The workouts are always different and cover everything you need. I was so impressed with my results, so what more could I ask for? I’d definitely recommend it!"
  • Camilla
    "I loved this program! It works your entire body with cardio, circuits and core training. Not too hard but you can feel your muscles making an effort. And the workouts aren’t long so anyone can make it to the end in one piece."
  • Audrey
    "Just the program I needed to help me get back into a weight loss routine. Burn has a great variety of exercises and cardio. It really pushed my limits but I was able to do exercises I could never do before! By the end, I could see more tone in my muscles, which was really encouraging."