Get a core of steel and solid abs in less than 3 weeks with FizzUp’s Core Training program. 100% equipment-free workouts for a stronger midsection!

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Start FizzUp’s Core Training program, a collection of the best workouts to zero in on your midsection. Your core is made up of your abs, pelvic floor, obliques and lower back muscles. These are probably the most important muscle groups in your body, which also significantly contribute to your everyday wellness.

Core strengthening should be part of any well-balanced workout routine. With FizzUp, you’ll embark on a three-week core training program, which combines the top core exercises with fun training protocols.

A solid and strong midsection improves your balance, corrects your posture, relieves back pain and plays a role in everyday movements. And as this source of strength is located at the center of the body, it also helps athletes with some of their most powerful actions and is the foundation for almost any exercise.

This program brings you three core training workouts a week that are made to be a blast! During the Core Training program, you’ll feel how the exercises perfectly complement each other.

Right for all levels, these core workouts will revolutionize your physical fitness! Some days you’ll focus on muscular endurance, other days you’ll home in on your core strength and trunk rotation power. This core workout routine includes all the exercises you need for stronger abs.

Every day, you’ll experience variations of static or dynamic core exercises, traditional or more innovative abs exercises and recommendations from the trainer that will put your body to the test!

FizzUp’s Core Training program is here to fortify your midsection, improve your posture, shape your abs and boost your ability to transfer strength throughout your body, which is great for daily life and your sports and physical activities. So don’t miss this opportunity to achieve a stronger and more resistant core!

  • John
    "Core Training’s got it all! After I finished all of the programs in the Abs series, I needed a new challenge. With these workouts, my abs became even more visible and the core exercises worked my midsection in depth."
  • Mark
    "Every exercise in the Core Training program made me demand more from my abs than I ever have before, and the hard work definitely paid off!"
  • Jeremy
    "Lots of exercise variations. Now I can hold my planks longer! A great program to improve your core strength. "