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Want to achieve the strength and fitness of a boxer? Then start FizzUp’s Fight 2 program now!

This unique program is for anyone who’s conquered the first Fight program and wants to take on a new challenge to stay ready for the ring!

Now with equipment, immerse yourself in the next installment of this workout program for combat sports that’s just as tough as the first. Exercises with a pull-up bar and kettlebell are here to spice up your three-week routine for even more results. Fight 2 includes four workouts a week to hone all of your athletic skills you rely on for your combat sport.

Fight 2 is packed with a variety of powerful circuit training and interval training workouts designed to put your body and mind to the test.

With Fight 2, get ready to boost all the skills you need for your combat sport: speed, stamina, explosive strength, muscle mass and core power.

With this home workout program, maximize your performance to easily overcome your opponent. Fight 2 brings you fundamental physical conditioning with equipment for combat sports. Alternatively, you can use this program to improve your ability to handle intense physical demand. If you’re looking for a program that satisfies your craving for a challenge worthy of the name, then Fight 2 is it!

Turn up the heat with workouts that combine strength training, cardio, core exercises, intervals and stretching. There’s no better way to keep yourself ready for the ring! HIIT and Tabata cardio, dynamic core training, jump training and targeted strength training is here to make you feel like a fighter. And to top it all off, Fight 2 will work your flexibility for fluid agility, too.

With FizzUp's Fight 2, it’s you against your toughest opponent: yourself!

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Start Fight 2

Body zones

Trapezius, pectorals, abs, glutes, back, shoulders, hips, arms, thighs.

Start Fight 2


Start Fight 2


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