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If you’re looking for a way to get fit for any kind of combat sport, don’t wait. Start your physical conditioning with FizzUp’s Fight program now.

Immerse yourself in the world of mixed martial arts training with this three-week program of just four workouts a week to boost the athletic skills that are essential for MMA. Improve your speed, build explosive strength and target your core with this home workout program.

Start FizzUp’s Fight program to experience the basics of combat sports training and step up your ability to easily withstand high-intensity exercises.

Fight is also recommended even if you don’t do any kind of combat sport. If you’re just looking for a challenge and want to ramp up your muscular and cardio endurance, this is the program you’re looking for.

One workout with Fight is all it takes to feel the heat of combat sports training. These exercises are designed to keep your body burning fat throughout the workout so that you have the energy to make it to the very end. Turn your training up a notch with a Tabata or HIIT cardio challenge, additional dynamic core exercises, jump exercises and targeted strength training to earn a fighter’s physique. And to top it all off, improve your flexibility with stretches to keep your body in top shape and your movements smooth, whether you’re in the ring or on the mat.

Every workout in the Fight program hones all the athletic skills that are critical for facing an intense physical demand from your opponent.

Get in the ring with FizzUp’s program Fight!

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Body zones

Trapezius, pectorals, abs, glutes, back, shoulders, hips, arms, thighs.

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Start Fight


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