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Strength training is one of the best ways to improve your judo performance on the mat. FizzUp brings you a ready-to-use routine to get you fit for judo: Ippon!

Judo is a sport that relies on several athletic skills and physical conditioning is a simple way to improve them. Our goal is to enhance your body’s abilities by focusing on three key areas: speed, strength and stamina.

Ippon is made up of three workouts a week that hone in on these qualities by working your muscular endurance, explosive strength, core strength and cardio for a fitter physique. Turn yourself into a better judoka by the end of this three-week judo fitness training program.

With dumbbells, you’ll strengthen and tone all your key muscle groups using multi-joint exercises that heighten your ability to control your opponent and resist them with ease. Building more muscle during this program helps you prevent injuries, too. With Ippon, you’ll experience the top exercises that get you maximum results in minimum time.

With these workouts for judo, you’ll improve your aerobic and anaerobic fitness so that you can last two hours or longer on the mat or do fight after fight without feeling out of breath. And that’s not all. Ippon also works your strength endurance so that you can use all of your muscles in combat with consistent force. Every day of the Ippon program, you’ll get a different workout of training circuits.

This program’s got everything you need to accelerate your reaction time and quickly take down your opponent. Boost your explosive strength with power exercises and bodyweight plyometric exercises so that you can do multiple grips during a fight with strength and speed.

Finally, a great judoka needs a strong grip, pulling power and a solid core to firmly grasp and move their opponent. Judo activates your abs and upper body at the same time, helping you resist or make rotations. During each judo strength workout, you’ll discover new circuits to target your abs and core.

If you want to turn yourself into a master of the mat, then FizzUp’s Ippon program is for you. Start your judo strength and conditioning training now!

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Body zones

Pectorals, abs, glutes, back, shoulders, thighs, trapezius, forearms, arms.

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