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Start Muscle-Up: Level 2

Finished Muscle-Up - Level 1? Already mastered jumping muscle-ups? Then we’ve got the best workout plan to help you achieve strict bar muscle-ups: Muscle-Up - Level 2!

But before you get started, we recommend you be able to do the following: five high pull-ups, ten straight bar dips and at least two jumping muscle-ups.

The muscle-up is a complex and technical exercise that demands strength, core stability and agility.

Got the hang of the pulling, transition and pushing phases of the muscle-up thanks to Muscle-Up - Level 1? Then now’s the time to piece them together in a single, strong movement to perform a strict muscle-up.

With this unique program, you’ll get three workouts a week for three weeks that cover each muscle-up phase in addition to sessions dedicated to muscle-up training.

Muscle-Up - Level 2 zeros in on strength and power for the pulling and pushing phases, too, using a wide variety of exercises such as in and out pull-ups, high pull-ups, tempo pull-ups, explosive pull-ups, L-sit pull-ups, archer pull-ups, Russian dips, straight bar dips and elbow push-ups.

In particular, you’ll improve your transition phase, which for many men is the toughest part of a strict bar muscle-up. Having the right technique and core stability during this phase can make or break your movement. That’s why this program also includes pull-outs, isometric exercises and core exercises.

The muscle-up also requires excellent shoulder mobility. The better it is, the easier it is to build the kinetic energy you need to get above the bar after your pull-up and keep injuries at bay.

Being flexible and agile helps you do muscle-ups with less effort and stress, but also increases your range of motion, promoting more strength, speed and muscle mass.

Muscle-Up - Level 2 sharpens these skills through a variety of unique mobility and strength training exercises.

This muscle-up program works your core stability and grip, too: the two keys to building enough muscular endurance to maintain the right posture as you do a muscle-up.

Maybe you’ve mastered your muscle-up technique, but you can’t go far without power. And you might have the strength, but without the right technique, you can take the word “strict” out of “strict muscle-up.”

If you’ve been struggling for months or even years to achieve a strict muscle-up, then stop trying and start doing with FizzUp!

Note: We strongly recommend that you first be able to do four assisted muscle-ups or jumping muscle-ups before starting this program.

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Start Muscle-Up: Level 2

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Trapezius, biceps, triceps, forearms, abs, back, shoulders, arms.

Start Muscle-Up: Level 2


Start Muscle-Up: Level 2


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