This is the program that will help you master this staple street workout exercise. You’ll learn all the basics to get you to your first full muscle-up in 3 weeks.

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The muscle-up is an exercise that requires strength, control and mobility. This program meets these demands by having you practice 3 progression moves: pull-ups, transitions and dips. In 3 weeks, you’ll be able to do jumping muscle-ups.

  • Jeremy
    "One of the best programs I’ve tried! Although I was a total beginner, I was able to do dips and pull-ups that finally put me above the bar. Thanks, FizzUp!"
  • Moussa
    "A program that has a clear progressive approach. I could really feel that I was making progress by mastering each phase of the muscle-up step by step. I don’t regret a single second of these past 3 weeks. I’m definitely going to do Muscle-Up - Level 2!"
  • José
    "My age and mobility made it a challenge for me to master the muscle-up technique. I had been struggling for years and it was still a huge obstacle. But with this intelligent and progressive plan, I could finally do jumping muscle-ups!"