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If you’re a fan of pull-ups and your goal is to do 10 in a row, then Pull is for you! We created this program to help anyone who can already do 4 pull-ups in a row increase their max pull-up reps.

With Pull, you’ll overcome many of the problems keeping you from excelling at pull-ups. Its smart workout plan targets the main issues preventing you from making progress. Pull is a short, three-week program of four workouts a week that not only makes it possible for you to master pull-ups, but also build impressive muscle mass and the strength you crave.

This routine will help you gradually fortify your physique and gain the technical experience you need to become a pull-up pro.

During Pull, you’ll learn how to pull-ups efficiently using exercises that specifically work your upper body to build strength and muscle mass, making it increasingly easier for you to pull your body up and do rep after rep without losing steam.

You’ll also work your scapular mobility and shoulder control to keep injuries at bay and improve your technique. And last but not least, you’ll practice your grip strength on the bar, an important yet often overlooked skill, as well as core strength for more power as you pull yourself up.

This program uses volume and intensity variations you can adjust to match your fitness level, making it easy for you to gradually improve until you’re able to do longer sets of pull-ups. If you think the program is too hard, then go to your settings to change the difficulty as you need to make sure the program is right for you.

FizzUp’s Pull program is here to take your pull-up performance to the next level!

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Body zones

Trapezius, forearms, back.

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