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Start Beginner Pull-Ups

The pull-up is one of the key exercises in bodyweight strength training, but it’s a difficult move to learn for most people. Doing several pull-up reps in a row is a fitness goal that can take months or even years to achieve.

Are you looking to do your first strict pull-up? Want to get strong enough to hoist your own weight? The pull-up is a really simple exercise that anyone should learn if they want to train their entire physique. But for many beginners, it’s just too hard. If that’s the case for you, FizzUp has the program you’re looking for: Beginner Pull-Ups! This routine is for anyone who can’t yet do a single strict pull-up rep.

The benefits of pull-ups include strength, muscle mass and core agility. But you can’t enjoy these perks until you learn how to do pull-ups. Beginners often lack the strength, grip strength and technique needed to do a strict pull-up. All it takes is a smart workout plan to overcome these issues!

During the Beginner Pull-Ups program, you’ll experience the best workouts to help you do your first pull-up. This three-week routine was created for beginners who want to start doing pull-ups with three workouts a week.

Start Beginner Pull-Ups to reap the benefits of a comprehensive approach that sharpens all the athletic skills you need to do pull-ups. Strengthen your back to pull yourself up, fortify your grip strength to keep your grasp on the bar and target your core to better transfer force throughout your body. This program covers everything you need to help finally do your first pull-up.

Beginner Pull-Ups uses pull-up variations you can adjust to match your fitness level, making it easy for you to gradually improve until you’re able to do traditional pull-ups. If you think the program is too hard, then go to your settings to change the difficulty as you need to make sure the program is right for you.

Start the Beginner Pull-Ups program and now and master your first pull-up in just a few weeks with FizzUp!

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Start Beginner Pull-Ups

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Start Beginner Pull-Ups


Start Beginner Pull-Ups


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