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Craving more from your pull-up workouts? Want to be able to do 15 pull-ups in a row? Then FizzUp’s Pull 2 is the pull-up program you’re looking for. If you can already do a dozen pull-ups, Pull 2 is your chance to increase your max​.

Using its workout plan specifically designed to help you get better at this specific exercise, Pull 2 ​​will help you gain extra reps over three weeks.

Turn yourself into a pull-up pro with Pull 2. You can even do this program in addition to your regular strength training or fitness routine.

A pull-up bar and 10 to 15 minutes are all you need with Pull 2. Experience these unique training protocols made to increase your max pull-up reps!

During Pull 2, you’ll get four workouts a week that gradually increase in intensity and rep volume in order to perfect your technique and step up your body’s ability to do pull-ups.

With this program, you can adjust the difficulty so that the rep volumes and intensity are right for you.

This sub-maximal training program will push you to do even longer sets so that you accumulate enough volume during each workout. This helps your body evolve without tiring you out or causing injuries.

Thanks to this method, you’ll progressively strengthen your muscles and enhance your performance with workouts dedicated to pull-up training. Practice makes perfect, especially when it comes to pull-ups!

Besides pull-ups, Pull 2 also includes other upper body exercises to build your strength and fortify your core, making it easier for you to pull yourself up to the bar.

And that’s not all. The trainer will bring you extra movements to improve mobility, which in turn keeps injuries at bay and promotes better technique. Pull 2 will boost your grip strength, too… a key factor if you want to keep holding on to the bar for the time it takes to do 15 pull-ups.

Remember to adjust the difficulty of this program under your account settings so that Pull 2 is right for you and your fitness level!

With Pull 2, get ready to reach 15 pull-ups in a row!

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Start Pull 2

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Trapezius, forearms, back.

Start Pull 2


Start Pull 2


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