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Start Beginner Push-Ups

The traditional push-up is one of the simplest and most effective exercises you can do. A key exercise in any physical fitness test that also builds strength and muscular endurance, this is one move you absolutely need to master. And yet, most people can’t do it using the proper technique.

If you’re determined to learn how to do push-ups the right way or just improve your technique, FizzUp’s got the program for you: Beginner Push-Ups.

By the end of this three-week workout plan, you’ll be strong enough to do full reps of push-ups thanks to a program that adapts to suit your physical abilities. This program includes push-up variations you can adjust to match your fitness level, making it easy for you to gradually improve until you’re able to do traditional push-ups. If you think the program is too hard, then go to your settings to change the difficulty as you need to make sure the program is right for you.

The push-up is a powerful exercise that trains your shoulders, arms, pecs and abs. If done correctly, it’s virtually a risk-free movement that can stimulate your body enough to quickly develop strength, endurance and muscle mass.

To ensure that you have the strength you need to do push-ups correctly, this program hones in on the main issues that can keep you from making progress:

  • Weak core muscles
  • Weak muscles that are used for push-ups (pecs, shoulders and triceps)
  • Poor technique
  • High body fat percentage

You can overcome the first three problems using the physical conditioning workouts included in the Beginner Push-Ups program. Just three workouts a week that focus on push-ups, core strength and pecs and triceps strengthening will put you on the fast track to your first full set of push-ups.

Stick with this program to see and feel the difference by the end of Beginner Push-Ups!

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Start Beginner Push-Ups

Body zones

Triceps, pectorals, abs.

Start Beginner Push-Ups


Start Beginner Push-Ups


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