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25, 30, 40, 45... no… 50 push-ups. Now we’re talking! If your goal is to do 50 push-ups in a row, then Push 2 is the routine to get you there. This FizzUp program is specially designed to help you increase your max push-up reps so that you can do 50 push-ups in a single set. Besides being able to do 50 push-ups just to do 50 push-ups or training to win a competition, a lot of men want their strength to match their size. And a great way to test your strength is to see how many push-ups you can do in a row. Being able to do 50 perfect push-ups in one go is a true sign of great fitness.

In order to achieve this, starting a workout program created to increase your max push-up reps is key. “If you want to become an expert at something, do it every day.” Those are words to live by, especially when you want to get better at push-ups. This powerful saying is the essence of FizzUp’s Push 2 program.

Heads up! This program was made to increase the number of strict push-ups you can do in a row. If you want to start Push 2 and your goal is to do 50 reps by the end, you first need to be able to do 25 push-ups in a row. With the help of a regulated workout plan that’s right for you, you’ll do more and more push-up reps during every workout. Just remember to tweak the difficulty under your account settings to ensure the program suits your fitness level.

Push-ups target every muscle in your upper body, including your abs, torso, shoulders and arms. Training to do a large number of push-ups in a row can be a key part of any strength training routine and help prevent injury while promoting muscle balance.

The Push 2 program gradually increases your repetition volume and regulates workout intensity to help you make progress without tiring you out or causing injuries. With this strategy, you’ll build muscle, get stronger and be able to do more push-up repetitions without losing steam.

Cut to the chase with Push 2, a program that sharpens every skill it takes to do rep after rep of push-ups: strength, muscle mass, muscular endurance, mobility and core strength.

All you have to do is each of these step-by-step workouts to easily increase your max push-up reps! If the program gets too tough, you can change the intensity by going to your account settings, then tap “Program,” then “Challenges” under “Exercise Intensity.”

If you finally want to reach 50 push-up repetitions in a row, start FizzUp’s Push 2 program now!

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Start Push 2

Body zones

Triceps, pectorals, shoulders.

Start Push 2


Start Push 2


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