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Start Muscle-Up: Level 1

In the world of calisthenics, the bar muscle-up is considered the gold standard of upper body exercises.

It's no wonder that the ability to conquer a pull-up bar in a single move is so revered. Performing the muscle-up demonstrates strength, power, coordination and agility: the holy grail of athletic skills that you can hone with FizzUp and this muscle-up program.

Already got pull-ups and straight bar dips down? The key is to do things in the right order by first mastering simpler muscle-up variations with Muscle-Up - Level 1, like the jumping muscle-up. Get ready for three weeks of intense training to learn and fully optimize the basics of the perfect muscle-up.

But how? This muscle-up routine primarily helps you build strength for the three phases of the muscle-up with unique exercises that boost your muscle mass, speed and mobility.

Pulling phase: High pull-ups, tempo pull-ups and explosive pull-ups

For a muscle-up, you need to pull yourself up high enough to do a straight bar dip. FizzUp brings you all the muscle-up progressions you need for you to do rep after rep of high pull-ups and explosive pull-ups with ease.

Transition phase: Pull-outs, isometric pull-ups and L-sit pull-ups

The transition phase is often the most problematic. If there’s a break between the pulling and pushing phase, you’ll lose all of your momentum, making it impossible to perform a clean muscle-up.

In order to achieve a proper muscle-up, you also need to have good shoulder mobility and enough stability to do the movement correctly without the risk of injury. During Muscle-Up - Level 1, you’ll get multiple training blocks that target shoulder and chest mobility in addition to core stability.

Pushing phase: Dips, straight bar dips, Russian dips, elbow push-ups and pike push-ups

Once over the bar, you should be able to push yourself up doing a straight bar dip. The Muscle-Up - Level 1 works your straight bar dip technique with a full range of moves and variations, including the straight bar dip, to get you as close as possible to a true muscle-up.

This program will develop your muscle-up technique in detail. There are no shortcuts, but if you follow this muscle-up training program to a tee, you’ll get there.

Note: We strongly recommend that you first be able to do ten strict pull-ups, ten parallel bar dips and five high pull-ups before starting this program.

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Start Muscle-Up: Level 1

Body zones

Trapezius, biceps, triceps, forearms, abs, back, shoulders, arms.

Start Muscle-Up: Level 1


Start Muscle-Up: Level 1


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