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Dreaming of a rounder butt and a toned physique? Then immerse yourself in this program that sculpts your figure and burns fat at the same time: HIIT Booty!

This convenient bodyweight workout plan combines the top HIIT and glute strengthening exercises that will help you finally achieve the body you want.

The HIIT Booty program is three intense weeks of equipment-free training. All you have to do is give it everything you’ve got for three fun workouts a week!

Got 20 minutes a day to spare? Devote them to sculpting your glutes, blasting fat and reducing cellulite in your hips and belly.

HIIT Booty combines HIIT and glute training in these butt-sculpting cardio workouts. HIIT is known for its powerful weight loss benefits and its impact on your physical fitness. This program also includes the top exercise to shape and sculpt your glutes.

With HIIT Booty, you’ll never get bored with monotonous workouts. Throughout the program, you’ll do dozens of variations of squats, kickbacks, glute bridges, jumps, lunges and deadlifts.

What kind of cardio exercises can you expect with HIIT Booty? Jumping jacks, mountain climbers, sprints, sprawls, squat thrusts and squat jumps… everything you need for complete HIIT training with FizzUp.

Time always flies when you’re having fun. This circuit training routine always keeps boredom at bay by having you go from one exercise to the next. With so much variety, your workout will be over before you know it.

Your FizzUp program is completely personalized. You’ll never think your exercises are too hard or too easy because HIIT Booty adapts the difficulty to your fitness level and physical potential.

This variety of HIIT butt workouts will keep you motivated. Besides giving you HIIT workouts for glutes, this exercise routine also sculpts other parts of your body, such as your abs and thighs.

Want results in just three weeks using just your body weight? Then start sculpting your body and glutes with FizzUp’s HIIT Booty program now, the best of cardio and glute training.

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Start HIIT Booty

Body zones

Abs, glutes, adductors, back, hips, thighs.

Start HIIT Booty


Start HIIT Booty


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