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Need a kettlebell strength training program? FizzUp’s Kettlebell Mania program brings together the top kettlebell exercises that put an original spin on muscle gain in just five weeks. Say goodbye to repetitive, more traditional workouts. If you don’t know how to use a kettlebell, let the FizzUp trainer show you!

Whether you’re a kettlebell pro or a total beginner, you’re guaranteed to feel the benefits of this 100% personalized program from FizzUp. The FizzUp trainer will show you how to use a kettlebell the right way to help you avoid injury and make your exercises as effective as possible.

Strength training with a kettlebell boosts mass throughout your body. The Kettlebell Mania program works the muscles in your arms, legs and back in ways you never thought possible. This small piece of equipment also significantly engages your abdominal wall as you do the exercises. They draw on your deep and superficial abs to help keep your movements clean. You’ll also get additional abs and core exercises to fortify your muscle chains.

As you work through the Kettlebell Mania program, you’ll find other dynamic exercises such as goblet squats, kettlebell swings and sumo deadlifts, which will boost your agility, coordination and endurance and these skills are must-haves for any sport or physical activity.

With your kettlebell workout program, you’ll build muscle throughout your entire body, but that’s not all! When used for cardio training, a kettlebell can help you lose weight because it triggers higher calorie burn. Five minutes of cardio with a kettlebell is all it takes to make a real difference in slimming down your physique.

The Kettlebell Mania program also enables you to improve your cardio endurance and resistance. You’ll build more strength and power, especially when it comes to your grip strength. In order to control the kettlebell as it moves, you have to use several combinations of both dynamic and static muscular work, which can ultimately give your forearms more definition.

Ready to give it a try? Don’t say we didn’t warn you… this program is going to make you krazy for kettlebells!

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Start Kettlebell Mania

Body zones

Trapezius, abs, glutes, adductors, back, shoulders, hips, thighs.

Start Kettlebell Mania


Start Kettlebell Mania


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