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Start Kettlebell Mania 2

Did you love the first episode of FizzUp’s kettlebell strength training program? Looking for a new challenge with this small, yet mighty piece of exercise equipment to work your strength and cardio endurance?

Then FizzUp’s got good news for you with the program, Kettlebell Mania 2!

Experience our top kettlebell strength training exercises with this three-week program. Whether you’re a beginner or just want to break up your kettlebell routine, let the FizzUp trainer be your guide to results!

Enjoy a kettlebell program that’s entirely personalized to suit your fitness level. By the end of Kettlebell Mania 2, you’ll never again ask yourself how to use a kettlebell or build muscle with a kettlebell.

With our kettlebell exercises and an efficient routine, you’ll easily develop more strength, stamina and power.

Like the first chapter, this kettlebell program works every muscle group in your body to keep imbalances at bay. FizzUp’s intense kettlebell training method will also home in on your abdominal wall to fortify your deep and superficial abs and help your body get the most out of your kettlebell.

As the next part of the Kettlebell Mania program series, Kettlebell Mania 2 brings you a range of unique exercises in addition to the exercises you might already know and love, such as the clean and press, front-to-back lunges, swings and deadlifts.

With Kettlebell Mania 2, there’s plenty of cardio and strength training to go around. Just three workouts a week for three weeks is enough to have an impact on your muscles and weight loss.

So start the next chapter and turn up the intensity with Kettlebell Mania 2!

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Start Kettlebell Mania 2

Body zones

Trapezius, abs, glutes, adductors, back, shoulders, hips, thighs.

Start Kettlebell Mania 2


Start Kettlebell Mania 2


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