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Working to improve your athletic skills such as sprinting, jumping, contact and reactivity is key when you want to boost your performance on the soccer field. If you’re looking for a way to last all 90 minutes of the game, FizzUp’s Soccer is a pre-season bodyweight training program to get you back in top shape for this sport.

Soccer requires a high level of physical fitness in order for the body to cope with the demands of the game, as well as for a player’s technical and tactical skills to be fully utilized. FizzUp’s soccer conditioning program will help you build strength, stamina, speed and coordination.

The physical effort it takes to play soccer includes all of these skills, but depending on the situation, you’ll depend on one skill more than another. With FizzUp’s equipment-free program Soccer, get fit for soccer and maximize your body’s abilities with just three weeks of three workouts a week.

With strength training, you’ll jump higher, kick harder and run faster. During this program, you’ll do circuit training with a range of exercises to build muscle throughout your physique. Plyometrics training is another way to help you gain explosive strength and speed in order to amplify the power of your muscles for the entire match.

Soccer is an intermittent sport, which means that it alternates between short periods of intense effort and longer periods of lower intensity. For each workout, you’ll do several cardio training circuits to boost your endurance and tolerance to fatigue.

The best players don’t just kick hard and run fast. Explosive jumps in the air, powerful throw-ins and dynamic sprints to the goal are also clear advantages on the field. FizzUp’s Soccer program brings you plyometric exercises for your lower body, making it easy to intensify your explosive strength.

Start this soccer workout plan now and experience daily comprehensive routines that work to hone the multiple athletic skills you need for this sport.

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Start Soccer

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Abs, glutes, calves, back, thighs.

Start Soccer


Start Soccer


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