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Start Pistol - Level 2

Want to up your calisthenics game? Start by mastering the pistol squat! This is the program you need to continue your pistol squat progression.

Are you already a pro at the half pistol squat? Know how to do the perfect archer squat and side lunge? Then FizzUp’s Pistol - Level 2 is for you!

Now that you've got the basics down, you're ready to start learning an easier, but still challenging, variation of the pistol squat: the rolling pistol squat.

This variation brings you closer to your ultimate goal and puts your mobility, balance and strength to the test. In terms of difficulty, the rolling pistol squat is just under the pistol squat, which makes it a logical exercise in the pistol squat progression.

Progressing to a full pistol squat during the Pistol - Level 2 program is a step-by-step approach using exercises that become increasingly similar to the full pistol squat. This second three-week installment focuses on building strength in your legs and increasing your mobility and stability, which are both fundamentals of unilateral training. With Pistol - Level 2, you’ll explore the top pistol squat variations such as the half pistol squat, rolling pistol squat, assisted pistol squat and seated pistol squat.

The key to gradually reaching the pistol squat is improving your range of motion on one leg. You also need to be using the training volume that allows you to repeat the exercise using the right technique. Practice makes perfect, and this definitely applies when it comes to the pistol squat!

The pistol squat is a difficult and advanced calisthenic exercise because it demands major leg strength and unilateral coordination in order to do it safely and correctly.

To meet this need, FizzUp incorporates training circuits designed to improve your balance, core strength and mobility on one leg. These three aspects are critical if you want to do a pistol squat without falling. To keep this from happening, you’ll get a unique variety of dynamic core training, flexor strengthening and stretching circuits to work your hip mobility.

This three-week bodyweight workout program will fortify your muscles, boost your mobility and improve your balance, guaranteed!

Ready to master the pistol squat like a pro? Then start the next episode of FizzUp’s Pistol program series!

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Start Pistol - Level 2

Body zones

Glutes, adductors, calves, thighs.

Start Pistol - Level 2


Start Pistol - Level 2


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