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Start Pistol - Level 1

Want to learn how to pistol squat? Being able to do this key calisthenic exercise is considered a sign of strength and stability in the lower body. Pistol squat benefits include strength, balance, muscle mass and flexibility.

But not so fast! Before you can do rep after rep of pistol squats with ease, you first need to grasp the basics of this exercise using adequate mobility.

FizzUp has created a three-part program series to make this happen. If your goal is to do full, unassisted pistol squats, a step-by-step approach is critical. You have to learn to walk before you can run, and the same goes for learning how to do a pistol squat!

By the end of these three programs of three weeks each, you’ll have mastered all of the key pistol squat variations.

This first three-week installment is focused on unilateral training and helping you perfect your single-leg stability: two aspects that are vital for doing the flawless pistol squat.

You’ll practice the basic variations of bilateral and unilateral squats to build solid pistol squat foundations, such as Bulgarian split squats, deep squats, pistol box squats, assisted pistol squats, side lunges, archer squats and many more!

Besides having the right technique and enough strength, there are three significant skills you need for doing a pistol squat:

  • Keeping your leg in the air
  • Having enough balance
  • Having enough hip and ankle mobility to be able to do a squat on one leg

FizzUp’s got all of these covered using a variety of training circuits packed with unique exercises designed to improve the three most important parts of a proper pistol squat.

You’ll get sessions that strengthen your hip flexors, boost your balance and improve your deep squat form, in addition to stretches selected for better hip mobility. Did you know it’s impossible to hold the pistol squat position without solid core strength? That’s why FizzUp brings you the best in core training workouts during this program, too.

Ready to kick off your pistol squat progression? Then start part 1 of the Pistol program by FizzUp! Lots of guys can squat with hundreds of pounds, but how many can do pistol squats? Soon you’ll be able to do them, too.

Already know how to do archer squats and side lunges? Then check out the next installment: Pistol - Level 2!

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Start Pistol - Level 1

Body zones

Glutes, adductors, calves, thighs.

Start Pistol - Level 1


Start Pistol - Level 1


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