If you want to be able to do a full pistol squat, you’ll reach this goal by the end of this program thanks to a variety of advanced moves that will turn you into a pistol squat pro.

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If you want to finally master the pistol squat and turn yourself into a calisthenics pro, look no further than FizzUp’s Pistol - Level 3 program!

Have you proudly completed the Pistol - Level 2 program? Or maybe you’re looking for a challenge if you can already do a rolling or deficit pistol squat? This is the program that will help you finally do a pistol squat.

In less than 3 weeks, you’ll be able to rep after rep of full, unassisted pistol squats.

The final installment of the Pistol program series brings you pistol squat progressions that demand balance, mobility and enough lower body strength to defy gravity.

Now that you’ve mastered the basic movements and perfected your squat form during the Pistol - Level 1 and Pistol - Level 2 programs, this calisthenics routine focuses on sharpening your coordination and your range of motion while doing a pistol squat.

Pistol - Level 3 takes a step-by-step approach using three key exercises: the rolling pistol squat, the counterbalanced pistol squat and the half pistol squat.

These essential exercises are the variations that are the most similar to the full pistol squat.

Besides training your technique, the Pistol - Level 3 program tackles all of the most common skills you need in order to do a pistol squat: mobility, control, muscular strength and core stability.

During this no-equipment program, you’ll experience circuits specially designed to refine your technique, improve your range of motion and boost the power and mobility in your lower body. These circuits include:

- L-sit and core training
- Balance training
- Isometric unilateral training
- Targeted strength training
- Hip mobility and lower body joint mobility exercises

During each workout, multiple blocks of exercises are skillfully arranged to break the barriers keeping you from doing a full pistol squat. FizzUp’s Pistol - Level 3 is pistol squats made possible!

  • Ahmed
    "Finally! Sets of pistol squats made easy after only 3 weeks! What more could you ask for? This program made good on its promise, so I definitely recommend it."
  • Holden
    "You can really feel your coordination, stability and strength put to the test with this last episode, but the results are worth it. I was finally able to do my first true pistol squat even before the end of the program! With so much variety, I never got bored and did the entire workout every time."
  • Dan
    "The only thing that used to hold me back was my bad hip mobility. With Pistol - Level 3, I overcame that obstacle with workouts in this program that focused on mobility training. Now I can do pistol squats no problem!"