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Dreaming of a flat stomach? Then take action now to achieve the midsection you’ve been dreaming of with the Abs program. This routine brings you exercises that are right for your goal and fitness level.

Think doing crunches every day is the key to getting a flat stomach? We hate to say it, but it’s not. If you want to shrink your waist and get a flat stomach, you need a program that brings you a variety of exercises with a range of difficulty levels. Doing the same number of repetitions of the same exercise won’t help you make progress. Only real fitness guidance can get you to your goal. Abs is a flat stomach program that contains traditional abs exercises like static and dynamic crunches and planks, so you’ll never get bored!

These abs workouts for women will sculpt your middle and eliminate excess fat stored in this area. Abs also contains extra cardio exercises to trigger weight loss, such as mountain climbers, one of the top waist-slimming exercises. This 2-in-1 movement strengthens your abs and helps you burn calories at the same time. Do it slowly to target your abs or pick up the pace to increase its fat-burning effects.

Pair the Abs program with eating habits that match your goal. Forget about restrictive diets! FizzUp’s daily meal plans make it easy for you to slim down with guilt-free recipes you’ll love.

No more envying everyone else’s flat stomach and slim waist. Boost your body confidence with FizzUp’s Abs program!

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Start Abs

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Trapezius, abs, glutes, adductors, back, shoulders, hips, thighs.

Start Abs


Start Abs


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