Get a core of steel with FizzUp’s Plank program. Solidify your midsection in just 3 weeks with a wide variety of fun workouts. Chisel your abs now!

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FizzUp’s Plank program is your secret to strong abs and a flatter stomach. This plan is dedicated to deeply strengthening your core from every angle and is made for people of all fitness levels!

Instead of resultless sit-ups and boring 30-day plank challenges, start your journey to a slimmer waist and solid abs with Plank now!

Plank revolutionizes your routine with a variety of plank exercises while building the foundations of core strength. By the end of this three-week program, you’ll have gained unparalleled stability in your midsection, a flatter stomach and impeccable posture.

With a range of difficulty levels, Plank is an equipment-free program that uses optimized protocols with the top static and dynamic core exercises to get you a sturdy core and guaranteed results.

Over fifty exercises are divided into themed plank workouts, such as circuits, challenges and technical training, which you’ll do during three workouts a week for three weeks.

Think the elbow plank reigns supreme in core strengthening? Think again! With Plank, you’ll get a range of dynamic and static plank variations to stimulate your core, obliques, rectus abdominis, transverse abdominis, and even your hips, back and shoulders.

Work your entire core and all of your abs with basic and more advanced moves packed into workouts with the following themes:

- Oblique training
- Stability training
- Plank training
- Cardio core training
- Dynamic core training
- Tabata core training

Plank includes workouts that even total beginners can do. These routines have everything you need to build a strong core, firm up your waist and improve your stability.

Take advantage of Plank’s short and effective workouts that were designed to have a truly beneficial impact on your health and fitness. This plank workout plan promises you:

- More strength
- Better balance
- Fewer injuries
- Improved posture
- Less joint and back pain

The workouts in this plank workout routine have been carefully arranged so that they gradually increase in difficulty.

No matter what your plank experience is, Plank is the workout program you need for going well beyond the elbow plank.

  • Melody
    "A great program! Honestly, in 3 weeks, I had so much fun and was blown away by the progress I’d made. Plank made it easy to shrink my waistline and pull my tummy in. It had a huge variety of workouts I could actually do. Nothing but praise for this routine!"
  • Linda
    "Quick, effective and the exercises change every time you work out! I’d tried a 30-day plank challenge in the past, but it was too long and really boring. This program was nothing like that. I even lost a few centimeters around my waist and my abs have started to show."
  • Justin
    "I did Plank by the book and it was worth it. Now, it’s just my normal routine. I can feel that my midsection is solid."