Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, this program includes the top exercise ball moves for toning your body, fortifying your core and improving your posture!

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Just an office chair or your favorite workout accessory? Discover a whole new way to have fun toning up with your exercise ball!

Known by many names such as Swiss ball, yoga ball, balance ball, birth ball and fitness ball, this piece of equipment is guaranteed to quickly sculpt your entire body!

With FizzUp’s three-week Exercise Ball program, you can:

- Improve your posture
- Strengthen your core
- Increase your flexibility

Whether you prefer gentle or more challenging training, you’ll do a variety of personalized exercises during these three weeks of three exercise ball workouts a week.

Full body strengthening

You’ll get stronger while actively engaging your deep muscles using the instability of the exercise ball. This turns up the difficulty of your workouts and maximizes your progress.

The Exercise Ball program includes dozens of exercises to tone your body and help you build strength, coordination and proprioception. Glutes, abs, quads, hamstrings, arms, back and shoulders… no zone gets left behind!

Sitting or standing, lying on your stomach or on your back, you’ll experience the top exercises to do with an exercise ball, such as glute bridges, squats, planks, Bulgarian split squats, crunches and a whole lot more!

And last but not least, every session allows you to opt for additional workouts that target the athletic skills and muscle groups you want to improve.

Posture and abdominal strengthening

An exercise ball is recommended whether you’re looking to strengthen your core or if you just want to relieve lower back pain.

Use the instability of the ball to engage your core muscles and deep abs at a higher level during your sessions. With this program, you’ll constantly challenge your midsection from every angle through static and dynamic exercises dedicated to your core.

You can work on your posture, too, with circuits that target all your posture muscles to eliminate back pain!

Flexibility and stretching

With a multitude of stretching sessions, you’ll also increase your flexibility and agility using static and dynamic stretches on an exercise ball. These moves zero in on your posture, help keep injuries at bay and soothe everyday aches and pains all while making you more supple.

Is your exercise ball collecting dust? Take advantage of it with FizzUp’s Exercise Ball program and turn it into your new favorite workout accessory!

  • Anne
    "This program’s got all the exercise ball exercises you need! I was someone who didn’t know what to do with an exercise ball, so with this routine, I was able to dust it off and use it right to get stronger and have some fun exercising."
  • Diane
    "I used to suffer from back pain but this program was a lifesaver! I’m not even exaggerating when I say that I was finally able to feel my core working. The Exercise Ball program is a game changer!"
  • Christina
    "I loved working out with the Exercise Ball program. I lost 9 lb (4 kg) and toned my waist! I’ve still got a long way to go, but these results definitely encourage me to keep up the effort."