Start this program to improve your posture and relieve back pain.

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Do you suffer from back pain? Lower back pain? Sciatica? Lumbar pain? Does your job or lifestyle lack physical activity? FizzUp’s Posture program is a three-week routine designed to help improve your posture with a wide range of exercises and stretches that alleviate back pain.

Gently get back into daily exercise and keep up active habits with this program that fights backache. Starting a fitness program like this one makes it easy to take up a new sport or physical leisure activity using exercises to correct your posture.

Even if you don’t experience back pain, this program can help you prevent injuries and keep unwanted everyday discomfort at bay, especially if you spend most of the day seated.

Our Posture program brings you a large variety of equipment-free back exercises, such as core exercises for back pain, glute-targeting movements, scapular stabilizer strengthening and posture correction exercises. Fortifying key muscles throughout your body is the key to relieving chronic backache and postural imbalance.

This program also includes an extensive selection of stretches for lower back pain and better flexibility. Correctly stretching the muscles that cause pain is vital for soothing tension and regaining a full range of motion.

Posture can be used to diminish back pain or as a prevention program unless otherwise your doctor or physiotherapist says otherwise.

Stay active and relieve back pain with FizzUp’s Posture program now!

  • Mark
    "This program is great. The exercises gently work your back to correct poor posture."
  • Haley
    "Light and entertaining workouts to get you a better back. The stretches are excellent, too. I loved Posture!"
  • Steven
    "A really enjoyable program. I always looked forward to the next workout. My back feels a lot better since I finished Posture. Now I naturally sit up straighter while I work at my desk job."