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Achieving a flat belly and sculpted abs is a major fitness goal for many women. Ready to experience the perfect mix of exercises to get you the midsection you crave? FizzUp’s Abs 2 workout program makes it possible!

Instead of doing hundreds of crunches at home that yield no results, opt for an exercise routine that intelligently combines abs exercises, cardio and nutrition!

With this abs workout program for women, you’ll find all the key exercises you need to slim down your waist and put your abs to the test. Whether you’re doing dynamic abs exercises or core strengthening, this program will target your abdominal wall from every angle to zap excess fat and love handles.

The Abs 2 program brings you three workouts a week for three weeks. By the end of the program, you’ll feel that you’ve lost weight and effectively targeted your deep abs, transverse abdominis and six-pack muscles to reveal a tighter, flatter tummy. The Abs 2 program helps you keep your pelvic floor healthy with its smart combination of exercises, too.

These abs workouts for women also contain additional HIIT cardio exercises every day to speed up your progress and burn maximum calories.

The no-equipment program Abs 2 works with all fitness levels, whether you’re just starting out or already have some experience training your abs. Combine this abs routine with FizzUp’s nutrition feature to help your body build your abs and burn excess fat. Getting a flat belly also depends on having the right eating habits! FizzUp’s daily meal plans make it easier to slim down with foods you actually enjoy eating.

Start FizzUp’s Abs 2 program now and get the flat stomach and slimmer waist you want!

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Start Abs 2

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Start Abs 2


Start Abs 2


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