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Shoes squeaking on the court, the ball swishing through the net and the roar of the crowd when you make a 3-pointer… like the sounds of that? If you’re looking for a program to get you ready for your next big game, then now’s the time to start FizzUp’s basketball conditioning program Dunk!

FizzUp, your workout app, has created this bodyweight program with workouts designed to help you get fit for basketball.

With three workouts a week for three weeks, this equipment-free routine prevents injuries and builds strength, agility, coordination and cardio endurance.

These workouts are adjusted to match your fitness level with each day dedicated to a specific athletic skill every great basketball player needs.

Basketball requires strong muscles in both your upper and lower body. Players travel several miles in a single game, so keeping their legs fortified is the key to easily moving around the court and having enough energy to last until the final buzzer.

Dunk works to strengthen your arms and shoulders for better throws, too. During this basketball training program, you’ll experience a range of exercises and circuits to improve and maintain your upper body strength.

Each quarter demands high cardio endurance and stamina. Besides that, being able to quickly accelerate and stop are two critical skills you need for basketball. Dunk brings you multiple metcon circuits and cardio every day to reinforce your heart! You’ll also do Tabata training and HIIT using an array of exercises.

A solid core is another must for basketball. If your abs are weak, your game will be, too! Strengthening your midsection is essential in sports when it comes to transfer of force, rotation, posture and injury prevention. During the Dunk program, you’ll do all the basic static and dynamic exercises for a strong core.

This basketball workout plan was made to improve your power and vertical jumping ability. But the best basketball players don’t just run fast and jump high. Explosive jumps in the air, powerful shots and dynamic sprints to the hoop definitely give you an edge on the court. With Dunk, you’ll get plyometric exercises for your lower body to enhance your explosive strength with ease.

Start this fitness training for basketball players and turn yourself into the queen of the court with FizzUp now!

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Start Dunk

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Pectorals, abs, glutes, calves, shoulders, arms, thighs.

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Start Dunk


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