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Are you a beginner or experienced tennis player looking to boost your performance on the court? With FizzUp’s Smash program, train your body to withstand the physical demands of a match and more advanced workout routines.

Having the right workout routine for tennis is a must if you play this sport. Besides having enough strength and stamina to get through a long match, starting a tennis fitness training program is also vital if you want to improve your performance and keep injuries at bay.

It takes several key athletic abilities to be a good tennis player, such as cardio endurance, coordination, flexibility and physical and mental strength. Smash is a three-week bodyweight workout program that only takes three workouts a week to help you get fit for tennis.

FizzUp brings you an intelligently designed workout plan that gradually increases in volume and intensity as you move through the program. These equipment-free exercises were selected to sharpen the main skills you need while playing tennis.

Through strength training, you’ll get stronger and lower your risk of injury as you build muscle mass. You’ll also boost your power and coordination: essential qualities you need to hit the ball hard and easily maneuver around the court.

Cardio endurance is important, but tennis doesn’t require as much effort as cycling or running a marathon. That's why Smash includes intense cardio conditioning circuits to simulate the intensity of a tennis match.

Core training is an essential part of fitness training for tennis, too. It puts more power in your shots, makes it easier to rotate your upper body as you hit the ball and helps prevent injuries. In your program, you’ll have abdominal training circuits that were created for people who play tennis.

Agility and explosive strength are equally vital. FizzUp’s Smash program hones in on these skills with circuits constructed for plyometric and coordination training.

And last but not least, you’ll enhance your flexibility in your shoulders and lower body to give you a better range of motion.

With FizzUp’s Smash, you’ll experience a tennis workout routine that equals the effort you put into your matches. Start your tennis fitness training now and own the court in just three weeks!

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Trapezius, forearms, abs, glutes, calves, back, shoulders, arms, thighs.

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