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Who ever said weight training was just for men? Definitely not FizzUp! If you’re looking for a strength training program designed just for women, then this is it. FizzUp, the online fitness training app, brings you Irongirl: the women’s dumbbell program to boost the strength of your muscles, not their size.

You’ve seen how body sculpting with dumbbells has worked for loads of fitness girls, so why wouldn’t it work for you? FizzUp has designed the Irongirl program to bring you a workout experience centered around weight training for women. You’ll fortify your upper body with women’s dumbbell exercises such as biceps curls and bench presses. Irongirl targets your lower body, too, with key leg exercises like squats and glute bridges. Because Irongirl works every muscle group, you’ll be proud to show off more curves and no extra muscle bulk by the end of this program. With dumbbells, you’ll get even better results and transform your physique from head to toe.

Your dumbbell program for women should use your goal and fitness level to bring you effective workouts that are best for you, which is why Irongirl adapts to your physical abilities using a starting evaluation. Once you’ve finished the program, you’ll do the same evaluation again to measure how much progress you’ve made.

FizzUp also provides nutritional guidance to help your muscles take shape even faster. The FizzUp trainer will put together meal plans according to your weight and protein needs to promote muscle development. Discover healthy recipes that are perfect for your goal, right in your app. FizzUp brings you a new meal plan every day to cover all sides of your strength training experience.

Spice up your workouts with FizzUp’s program, Irongirl!

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Body zones

Glutes, adductors, back, shoulders, hips, arms, thighs.

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