Transform your upper body and get jaw-dropping results with these dumbbell workouts for women.

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Build - Upper Body is a dumbbell workout program for women specially designed to target your arms and torso. Get ready to tone and sculpt your entire upper body with FizzUp in just 3 weeks! This strength training program automatically regulates your sets, reps and weight to ensure perfect body toning.

  • Chloe
    "Finally, a real program that puts your upper body to work. This routine sculpted my shoulders, toned up my back and strengthened my chest. Give it your all and you'll get results. I'm so satisfied with mine!"
  • Ivy
    "I loved this upper body program! It's really different from any other one I've tried! Awesome exercises with pre-defined weights. Build - Upper Body is challenging because it gets harder and harder pretty quickly, but that's what makes you push your own limits. 🔥💪"
  • Audrey
    "I couldn't believe how this program transformed my body. This really is a home strength training program anyone can do. All you have to worry about is doing the exercises right. This is the plan you're looking for if you want to tone your upper body."