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Start Build - Lower Body

Ready to earn rounder, shapelier and sculpted glutes? Then you’ve come to the right place. Build - Lower Body, FizzUp’s lower body dumbbell workout program for women, is here to help you reach this goal!

This workout program is specially made to chisel your lower body using just a pair of dumbbells no matter what your level is!

After just three weeks of three lower body workouts a week, you’ll witness a drastic change in your legs.

Feel your glutes and thighs getting firmer and shapelier with the top dumbbell exercises for the lower body such as squats, glute bridges, deadlifts, Bulgarian split squats, lunges and many other mighty moves.

The only thing you have to do to reach your goal is to diligently do each workout. The app gives you the exercises, sets, reps, weight and rest time. All you have to do is follow along!

The Build - Lower Body program is completely personalized and mainly uses polyarticular exercises that work multiple muscle groups instead of one at a time, saving you maximum time and effort. But this range also includes isolation exercises to zero in on muscles in your lower body.

The Build - Lower Body program uses progressive overload: the only way to make progress in strength training! You apply just enough stress during each workout for your body to make positive changes in three weeks. You don’t even need to think.

These lower body dumbbell workouts for women are perfect for shaping your lower body. Stay motivated with a variety of exercises that keep boredom at bay. This routine conveniently sculpts other parts of your body, too, like your abs.

Grab your dumbbells and start FizzUp’s Build - Lower Body program now!

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Start Build - Lower Body

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Glutes, thighs.

Start Build - Lower Body


Start Build - Lower Body


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