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Looking for a program to build muscle that guarantees you’ll actually gain muscle mass from head to toe? Then FizzUp’s DB-800 is for you. This program will transform your body by boosting your muscle mass with a variety of dumbbell exercises, such as biceps curls, bench presses, thrusters and so many other intense moves.

The right guidance makes it easy to build muscle fast. The DB-800 program will revolutionize the way you think about workouts that build muscle. These are just as effective as the workouts you could do at the gym, minus all the hassles you might experience being a member of one. With FizzUp, you can work out at home, anytime you want. Just five weeks is all it takes to see the results. Not only does this program beef up and sculpt your muscles, but it also can significantly improve your overall fitness level. You’ll feel it when you notice that you’re able to lift more and more weight. Boost your strength, power, agility, muscular endurance and even your flexibility with 360° workouts that build muscle.

No part of your body is left behind. Your shoulders will feel wider, your back muscles will be more defined and your pecs will be even more prominent. And we didn’t forget about your legs! This program will chisel and fortify your thighs and calves, too. When you stick to your workouts, all your hard work and persistence will transform your physique in the long run.

With the DB-800 program to build muscle, nothing stands between you and your goal. Take it from the FizzUp trainer: after a few weeks, your muscles will be so big, you’ll need to buy new t-shirts!

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Start DB-800

Body zones

Trapezius, biceps, triceps, pectorals, abs, glutes, back, shoulders, arms, thighs.

Start DB-800


Start DB-800


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