FizzUp’s 4-week strength training program designed for the gym! Gain muscle, get stronger and build endurance with the Gym program.

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Work out in the gym? Want maximum results with a simple and straightforward program? FizzUp has the strength training routine you need: Gym, the weight training plan for the gym. Gain muscle mass with this 100% personalized gym workout schedule for men.

Gym brings you four workouts a week for four weeks that are made to get you unprecedented muscle and strength gains!

With this gym workout routine, you’ll effectively zero in on each muscle group with “push” days (workouts that mainly include push exercises that use your pecs, shoulders, triceps and quads) and “pull” days (workouts that mainly include pull exercises that use your back, biceps and hamstrings).

Each day consists of exercises that challenge and fatigue key muscle groups for optimal results on all levels.

You’ll start with compound exercises and continue with isolation exercises that will help you gain strength, mass and muscular endurance. With FizzUp, you’re guaranteed to build muscle.

Your FizzUp trainer has intelligently selected Gym’s exercises, sets, reps, weight and rest times to optimize your workout experience. All you have to do is follow the trainer to witness peak muscle growth.

You don’t have to spend hours in the gym. Each workout lasts under 45 minutes. This workout plan will multiply your gym gains with minimum time investment.

This gym routine is based on the progressive overload method and mainly uses exercises that work several muscle groups instead of just one muscle group at a time.

Why use progressive overload? Because your body is smart. It will only evolve if you challenge it. But if you ask your body to do too much too soon, it won’t be long before you hit a progress plateau. This gym workout plan applies the perfect amount of stress on your body to trigger a positive change in just a few weeks.

Ready to boost your muscle gains with FizzUp? Then start the Gym program now!

  • Steven
    "Awesome! This program had everything I was looking for. I’d recommend Gym to any guy who wants to challenge himself and get results."
  • Gabriel
    "Thanks to Gym, I’m stronger and more muscular now. Loved this routine that uses progressive overload. Everything is clear and simple. All you have to do is follow the trainer. I transformed my physique in 4 weeks. Thanks, FizzUp!"
  • Peter
    "I never thought I could find a single program that builds muscle AND pushes my limits, but that’s what I did with Gym. I promise you’re going to make a difference in your strength and mass in just 4 weeks. If you don't know what to do in the gym, no problem! Gym will show you."