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Do you build muscle at home without equipment? Are you looking for a bodyweight workout plan that will bring you the training experience you want and need? Introducing FizzUp’s no-equipment program Muscle, the routine that blends our workout expertise with your workout preferences.

Muscle brings you bodyweight strength training focusing on the upper body in order to get you prominent pecs and abs of steel. Muscle also consists of optional exercises to gain muscle in your legs and boost your cardio. This is the best of FizzUp in a single equipment-free workout program.

There’s no better way to sculpt your torso than with strength training exercises like push-ups and core exercises. Muscle zeros in on your pecs, back, shoulders, abs and arms using moves we’ve carefully selected to develop your upper body.

With a wide assortment of core exercise variations, you’ll work the deep and superficial muscles in your abdominal wall, which are the ones that make up your six-pack. And with a variety of push-up variations, you’ll increase the definition around your inner pecs. Muscle includes other bodyweight exercises to supplement these moves with the goal of evenly building muscle throughout your body.

With so much diversity in this program, you’ll stay motivated to work out and never get bored. As Muscle progresses, you’ll perfect your technique of key bodyweight strength training exercises. This program is a compilation of what our users love most about our bodyweight programs.

Thanks to FizzUp's expertise, you’ll get a personalized bodyweight workout program that’s for men of all fitness levels. This training plan is everything you need to achieve the results you want to see in your body. With the trainer’s guidance, you can opt to do additional exercises during your workout if you’re extra motivated or want to sharpen a particular athletic skill.

With Muscle, we guarantee your physique will improve in just three weeks. Get ready to finally experience the exercises that are designed to strengthen your body and sculpt your torso. And be sure to check out the nutrition feature that comes with FizzUp Premium for high-protein recipe ideas.

Get the most out of this bodyweight workout routine for mass and strength now. A wide range of exercises and training protocols make this program FizzUp’s top workout program. You’re going to love Muscle… that’s our promise!

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Start Muscle

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Trapezius, biceps, triceps, pectorals, abs, back, shoulders, arms.

Start Muscle


Start Muscle


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