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Do you play badminton? If so, the Badminton program by FizzUp will prepare your body to face the challenges of matches and training in this sport.

Physical training for badminton is crucial for improving your game and preventing injuries.

Badminton is a 3-week equipment-free training program with 3 workouts per week to prepare you physically for badminton. Playing badminton for more than 5 minutes requires athletic skills like cardio, explosivity, strength, and coordination.

The program gives you specially designed equipment-free workouts that work the fundamental athletic skills badminton demands.

Strengthening your body through equipment-free bodyweight training protects you from injury. You’ll also develop strength and agility through specific leg and core exercises.

In badminton, cardio endurance is needed during fast and explosive periods of play. That’s why FizzUp’s badminton program gives you intense cardio circuits with intervals to match the intensity you’ll face during games.

Core strength is also an essential part of physical training for badminton players. Greater core strength improves hitting efficiency, upper body rotation, and injury prevention. You'll work the transverse abdominis and obliques, which help you rotate your upper body; and lower back to help shock absorption for each rally. Your core and ab muscles play a vital part in this program dedicated to badminton.

As well as developing strength, cardio, explosivity, and core strength, you’ll also improve flexibility in your lower limbs and shoulders to create a larger range of motion and reduce the risk of injury.

With Badminton, you’ll have a training program that directly simulates the effort you undergo during badminton matches. Start your program now. Let's turn you into a champion!

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Start Badminton

Body zones

Abs, glutes, adductors, calves, back, shoulders, thighs.

Start Badminton


Start Badminton


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