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Did you love the first Be Ready? Want to keep pushing your limits? Then your journey continues with Be Ready 2! Your progress will stay on a steady incline with this all-new combination of exercises and challenges.

Our users wanted more burpees, pull-ups and push-ups in their program, and the FizzUp trainer listened. With Be Ready 2, be prepared to shake up your routine. The first Be Ready program brought you innovative workouts to help you achieve a more athletic physique. Now, part 2 will show you how to turn your training up a notch. Experience new sensations during your workout with exercises that combine cross training and strength training. A kettlebell and pull-up bar are optional.

The Be Ready 2 program brings you workouts for women. You’ll love seeing the exercises that were once a challenge are now easier than ever, like push-ups, which are all too often considered one of the toughest women’s bodyweight strength training exercises. But with the right workout routine, anything’s possible. What’s more, this exercise is an essential key to better fitness because it strengthens several muscle groups at the same time. Like pull-ups and chin-ups, this is an effective body sculpting exercise.

Overcome your physical boundaries and believe in what your body is capable of with Be Ready 2! Once you’ve got your eyes on the prize, nothing can hold you back… not even a lack of motivation. Never again say that you don’t have what it takes to do this program. Start today to reap the benefits of tomorrow.

Be Ready 2… are you ready for it?!

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Start Be Ready 2

Body zones

Pectorals, abs, glutes, back, shoulders, arms, thighs, adductors, calves, hips.

Start Be Ready 2


Start Be Ready 2


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