Get a stronger, yet feminine physique!

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Looking for a program to make you feel like an athlete with a sculpted, solid and slender body that can take on any physical demand? Then FizzUp’s got the program for you: Be Ready with Instagram fit girl Roxane, also known as @roxanebust! She’s here to make your sweat worth your while… you won’t be disappointed!

With this cross training program, your strength training workouts gradually get more difficult as you progress. Roxane will turn you into a pro at exercises that you thought were only for men. Push-ups, pull-ups and burpees are all included in this workout program for women that isn’t for the faint of heart. The Be Ready program includes every strength training exercise for women you could think of! You’ll start with a single pull-up as a strength training exercise and before you know it, you’ll be doing repetition after repetition. Don’t let that put you off! As Roxane always says, women can do anything. Just remember to give yourself the time to progress. It won’t be long before you start to see and feel the results.

With the Be Ready program, you’ll get a wide variety of exercises. Each strength training exercise for women will effectively work all your muscles to give you rounder curves. Kettlebell exercises also add a touch of the unexpected to your workouts, boosting your cardio endurance and helping you burn more calories. Besides that, you’ll work several muscle chains in synergy for an evenly toned physique. You’ll strengthen your abs using a range of traditional, dynamic and core exercises. During the three weeks of the program, you’ll feel yourself getting stronger and more powerful. You won’t even have to ask your man to carry your groceries anymore… he’ll be the one asking you!

With Roxane by your side, you don’t have any excuses to back down before your goal. You’ve got everything you need to go above and beyond your fitness ambitions with the Be Ready program and finally get the athletic physique you crave!

  • Irene
    "I loved working out with the Be Ready program! It's so incredibly motivating. It always pushed me to give every workout my all."
  • Chloe
    "This program was awesome and so challenging. It pushed me to my max but I still had fun doing it!"
  • Claire
    "It was a little bit hard at the beginning, but I was quick to make progress. Before I started, I couldn't even do 2 pull-ups. Now I can do 5 in a row. I couldn't believe it!"