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Feel like taking your core strength to the next level? Looking for a great selection of challenging core-strength exercises? Feel like sculpting your six-pack and carving out abs of steel? Ready to work hard on your L-Sit and V-Sit as well as your planche?

Forget about the plank and other easy ab exercises and embark upon FizzUp's top advanced core strength program.

Your personalized X-Core program will make you look at planche exercises and the very essence of core strength training in a different light. You'll get stronger, have perfect posture, and a six-pack of steel. What more could you want?

X-Core is an equipment-free core strength program focused on static and dynamic exercises. It compiles optimal strategies to achieve a rock-solid core and gets you progressing each session.

3 epic weeks, dozens of exercises spread over unique, focused sessions: circuits, sets, different exercise progressions ... you name it. With 3 sessions each week you'll have enough variety and intensity to get solid results.

Your abs, athletic skills, and advanced calisthenics movements (like the L-Sit, V-Sit, and planche) will all be put to test.

After adapting the program to your difficulty level, you'll gradually progress each day, and sessions will get harder. You'll be making gains in no time!

X-Core knows that core strength is much more than just your abdominal muscles. It challenges your entire core area by bringing together four main groups of static and dynamic exercises:

Anterior chain work Posterior chain work Lateral core work Rotation movement

X-Core also guarantees that sessions will bring you great benefits for your physical fitness, including:

Stabilizing your spinal column Preventing injuries Increasing force potential Improving balance Improving fitness Diminishing joint and lower back pain

The program has three difficulty levels that can be altered in settings to match your abilities and let you optimally progress. Have you got what it takes to make it to the toughest level?

Whether you’re a planche fanatic, want strong and chiseled abs, or are tired of basic core training, there's no doubt the X-Core program is the perfect place to get started.

Please note it is advised you go through this program after having finished the programs "Plank" and "Core Training" in “difficult” mode to progress optimally.

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Start X-Core

Body zones

Pectorals, abs, glutes, back, shoulders, hips, thighs.

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Start X-Core


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