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What’s Tabata training? Short, intense and effective cardio!

Designed for people of all fitness levels, this program is HIIT (high-intensity interval training), revived. Each block of exercises only lasts 4 minutes and is divided into 20 seconds of effort and 10 seconds of rest. The goal is to go all out for a full 20 seconds of intense exercise. Over 3 weeks, you’ll do Tabata protocols that work your cardio, strength, abs and core.

With this type of HIIT, you’ll optimize:

  • Your weight loss compared to longer, less intense cardio workouts
  • Your physical fitness and resistance
  • Your muscular power and VO₂ max
  • Your anaerobic capacity
  • Your calorie burn during and after your workout thanks to a boosted metabolism
  • Your time with short and extremely efficient sweat sessions

Tabata by FizzUp has a ton of surprises in store for you. With this HIIT workout program, you’ll experience a wide variety of exercises and workouts.

During these 3 weeks of training, you’ll do mighty exercises such as sprawls, mountain climbers, burpees, squat thrusts and sprints... everything you need to work your entire body.

FizzUp’s Tabata program includes four types of Tabata training: Tabata cardio, Tabata strength, Tabata abs and Tabata core. Each workout focuses on one type in the mandatory block, then brings you 3 more optional blocks that cover the other types of Tabata training.

These Tabata home workouts are flexible. You’re the one who decides if you just want to do the first 4-minute block or step up to the 16-minute challenge of a full workout.

At home, at work or outdoors, you can do these Tabata HIIT workouts anytime, anywhere without any equipment. No matter what your level, the goal is to give it your all during each 4-minute block.

Now it’s up to you to build a workout that matches your training ambitions.

Get ready to go all out. Once you start Tabata, you can't stop!

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Start Tabata

Body zones

Abs, glutes, adductors, calves, hips, thighs.

Start Tabata


Start Tabata


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