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Start Strong and Fit

Want to lose fat and get stronger?

Strong and fit is the ultimate program for strengthening your whole body (including your heart!).

In this program, FizzUp gives you equipment-free exercises that put your cardio to test just as well as your muscles. They also strengthen your mid-body through core training.

Yes, it IS possible to build muscle and lose fat simultaneously!

FizzUp has split this 3-week program into 3 days of training per week, individual sessions lasting around 20 minutes each.

We've got exercises to work your thighs, shoulders, triceps, calves, abs, back, and glutes.

You’ll find well-known movements like chair/bench dips which let you target the triceps, chest, and shoulders. You’ll also find twisting ab crunches, a good stabilizer for the pelvis that targets your obliques, meaning you work the sides of your waist.

It’s never too late to get started. Your body will thank you for it!

You’ll also have the chance to go back over jumping jacks, an ideal exercise for improving cardio and staying in shape. This exercise is straightforward and easy; your best friend for directly burning calories. It lets you improve your heart health and breathing. It works just as well for warming up as for training itself.

Do you like squats? Try prisoner squats to get your blood flowing!

This exercise lets you foremost strengthen and build your lower body. Repping out this movement burns calories well. Squats get you toned and give you curvy legs and thighs. The "prisoner" aspect of the exercise means you perform the squat with your hands behind your head, allowing you to move further vertically to engage your glutes even more.

This is FizzUp’s all-inclusive workout program.

Take your water bottle and join the FizzUp community with Strong and Fit!

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Start Strong and Fit

Body zones

Triceps, abs, glutes, calves, back, shoulders, thighs.

Start Strong and Fit


Start Strong and Fit


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