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Love urban fitness? With FizzUp’s Outdoor Gym program, you can gain muscle outside using any outdoor fitness space. Specially designed to help you build strength, power, flexibility and agility, this program contains workouts ranging 20 to 40 minutes in length to supercharge your progress and pump up your muscle mass. Our outdoor fitness program will help you effectively sculpt your body from top to bottom. Outdoor Gym is a 360° routine that works your entire physique. It will slim down your arms and thighs, and carve out your abs and back muscles.

Turn yourself into an urban fitness pro with bench dips, any kind of push-up and pull-up you can imagine and hanging exercises that homes in on your abs, like leg raises. You’ll strengthen the deep muscles in your abdominal wall that are a must for a chiseled upper body. Outdoor Gym will target your pecs and shoulder as it sculpts your back. Just follow the FizzUp trainer’s lead and you’ll see and feel the difference in just three weeks!

The Outdoor Gym program is great for a workout in the sun or after a day at the office. Unwind and clear your head with some fresh air as you build the body of an athlete. Get your heart pounding and feel one with the city as you use and adapt to its urban environments to do your workout.

If you’re ready to increase your muscle mass throughout your body and boost your athletic skills right outside your door, then FizzUp’s Outdoor Gym program is for you!

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Start Outdoor Gym

Body zones

Abs, glutes, adductors, hips, thighs, biceps, triceps, pectorals, back, shoulders, arms.

Start Outdoor Gym


Start Outdoor Gym


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