Transform your upper body and get extraordinary results with this dumbbell workout program. Build - Upper Body targets your torso and arms with 3 weeks of weight training.

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Build - Upper Body is the best dumbbell workout program for building muscle in your upper body. Get ready to burst out of your t-shirts with FizzUp as you gain mass in your chest, back, shoulders and arms. This home weight training program automatically calculates the right number of sets, reps and weight to ensure optimal muscle gain. Results are guaranteed!

  • Alex
    "I've always been skeptical about workout programs on fitness apps because I'm stubborn and like to make my own workout schedule. But this time, I can definitely see the results I got were thanks to this FizzUp program. I've gained mass everywhere in my upper body. Build - Upper Body delivers on all its promises!"
  • Mark
    "I was looking for a simple and well-designed workout plan to help me get bigger in my upper body. And I found it with FizzUp! I invested time and money (buying a pair of dumbbells) in this program, and I've got absolutely no regrets!"