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Start Build - Arms

Can’t stop thinking about bigger biceps and triceps that make you feel and look like a titan? Then FizzUp’s got the dumbbell workout plan you need: Build - Arms!

FizzUp brings you a routine that works for all fitness levels, specially designed to build arm muscle with weights.

This three-week program includes three workouts a week with the top arm exercises with dumbbells that maximize your muscle gain.

With Build - Arms, you don't need a lot of space or fancy equipment. Using dumbbells is a great way to work out in the comfort of your own home or in the gym. All you have to do is follow this plan to get bigger arms.

During this weight training program, you’ll have a day that specifically targets both your biceps and triceps, a day that zeros in on just your biceps and a day that’s all about your triceps.

This training frequency is made to stimulate your muscles with enough intensity using the right volume and number of repetitions. Build - Arms also gives you enough time to recover between each arm workout so that you’re guaranteed to make progress.

This entire routine is made to help you build bigger arm muscles with dumbbells using repetitions and weight that’s calibrated workout after workout.

Build - Arms is based on progressive overload to make you gain muscle mass and strength via a gradual increase in repetitions, sets and weight.

Committed to using the perfect bicep curl and skullcrusher technique? Motivated enough to do each and every dumbbell arm workout exactly as planned by the trainer? Then prepare to be rewarded with extra large arm muscles.

After just three weeks with the Build - Arms dumbbell workout program, you’ll have to buy new t-shirts because your arms don’t fit in them anymore!

You can repeat this strength training program over and over again. Increase the weight each time you start to push your progress to the next level!

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Start Build - Arms

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Start Build - Arms


Start Build - Arms


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