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Want bigger pecs? Then FizzUp’s powerful and personalized dumbbell chest home workout program is what you’re looking for: Build - Chest!

Get ready to pump up your pecs with this 100% dumbbell workout plan for men who train at home. These chest workouts are perfect for guys of all levels who want to start a specialized workout routine that zeros in on these key muscles.

If you want prominent pecs, committing to a chest dumbbell workout routine is the smartest and most efficient way to get them. Following a specialized dumbbell workout program gives you the opportunity to build maximum and targeted strength and muscle mass using a high training frequency.

Don’t miss out on all the many benefits dumbbell chest workouts have to offer! Dumbbells are so versatile and are guaranteed to effectively stimulate your muscles when you use a wide range of motion.

Besides that, changing the tilt angle helps shift the attention to other muscle bundles. Dumbbells also promote balanced strength and growth.

During the Build - Chest program, you’ll work your chest three times a week. Each workout is different and targets a range of muscular qualities to keep your progress on a steady incline and help you sufficiently recover at the same time.

For the first type of workout, the main goal is to increase your strength and trigger muscle growth. Intense training and adapted volume are the keys to unlocking all of your potential power.

The second type is aimed more at maximizing muscle growth via average sets with a high training volume to stimulate your pecs as much as possible from every angle.

The third type of workout focuses on the muscular endurance of your pecs to benefit your recovery potential and muscular resistance. The goal is maximum concentration with sets of a high range of reps.

These chest workouts with dumbbells are made up of different exercises, but they all follow the basic principles of strength training. The first exercises are polyarticular, enabling you to lift heavier for maximum muscle gain because more muscles are used. The rest are exercises that isolate your pecs.

The entire program is based on progressive overload using a training volume and a calibrated intensity that increases over time.

In strength training, progressive overload is one of the keys to building muscle. This is when you put slightly more stress on your muscles during each workout by increasing either the number of repetitions, the number of sets or the weight.

If you want bigger pecs, start FizzUp's Build - Chest now!

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Start Build - Chest

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Start Build - Chest


Start Build - Chest


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